with Plant Based Meat,
we extended our ecosystem from Earth to Plate

Ecosystem from Earth to Plate

Everyone has the ability to save the earth with the effort from consuming less livestock. Raising livestock costs a lot of energy and this is due to a wide range of factors including:it takes a long time to raise animals; they consume a lot of food that was cultivated on land that could have been put to other uses ; meat products need to be shipped and refrigerated; and meat takes a long time to process from slaughterhouse to kitchen table.

Therefore plant based meat is the sustainable choice that could not only boost quality of life but also reduce our carbon footprints. We want you to taste the difference good ingredients can make because we believe that ‘‘You don’t have to slaughter animals or destroy the eco system but still get good food from fresh ingredients without complications ‘’. By cooking what we grow and growing what we cook, we extend our ecosystem from earth to plate. Join us in taking action on this issue together!

We hope to promote the tradition of commensality by sharing

the dishes you love and the benefits of earthmeat

Story of earthmeat

We offer a diverse selection of quality and taste alike meat. We are dedicated to offering the best products in the best possible way so as to serve what is the best for the environment. We feel it is not only important that we know everything about what we sell and serve but also for you to learn about the products we are so passionate about. We are sharing with you the stories of the people and places behind all that we offer as the more you know, the more you will enjoy. We hope to promote the tradition of commensality, sharing and eating together.

The key here is satisfying a broad range of eating patterns and demands for taste. We feel the need for response to a wide spectrum of preferences so as to enable, as much as possible, a wider range of people to benefit from the health and lower environmental impact that plant-based eating can provide.

We encourage people around the world to reduce their meat consumption and promote the health of the planet. Plant-based meats are spurring changes in the global food system that could have major environmental benefits.